Answers to All Your Training Inquiries

When is training?

Training is once a week for an hour.
Each team trains on a different day/time, the information can be found on each teams page. 

What kind of training do the coaches have?

All our coaches are enhanced CRC checked and have completed their FA coaching courses.
Some new coaches may still be working towards their qualifications but courses will of been booked before they can start helping with a team. 

Where is training?

Training is held at Eccles Rugby Club on the 3g all year round. 

Presentation Evening

Answers to All Your Presentation Inquiries

Do you have an end of year presentation?

Yes, all our players and parents are imvited to celebrate the season in June. 

Who gets a trophy?

Everyone! Winton JFC recognises everyone's efforts throughout the season and presents every player with a trophy to keep at our presentation. 

Do you have special awards?

We do, each team will receive 3/4 awards depending on age group varying from parents player of the season to most improved. 


Answers to All Your Matchday Inquiries

When are the matches?

Matches are held on the weekends, most teams play on a Saturday, this information can be found on each teams page.
Match are played in the morning, most commonly 10/11am.

Where are the matches played?

Our teams played across different venues depending on their age:
Under 7s to under 10s play at Eccles Rugby Club on the 3g pitch. 
Under 11s upwards play at Brookhouse on the grass pitches to the left hand side of the changing rooms. 

How many players are on each team?

Each team will have enough players to field a squad plus and additional couple to ensure subs are available each week.


Answers to All Your Money Inquiries

How much does membership cost?

Monthly memberships is set at £18 per month payable by direct debit on the 1st of each month. 

What does our membership cover?

Your membership fees cover everything that you need:
League fees
Coach Development 

Do you make a profit?

We set monthly subscriptions at a level that is affordable but covers costs, no more. 
Should any money be surplus it is used to develop the club and provide additional opportunities for our members such as trips and events.