Winton Junior Football Club

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Registration FAQ

Why do I need to register online?

All players need to be registered with the Football Association and the league in order to play and be covered by club insurance.

Using an online system allows us to gather the information that the FA and Leagues require in a secure way. 

I have two children how do I register them both?

Our registration form has space for two children to be entered.


If you have previously eregistered a player and want to add another, please contact us through our app and we will do this manually for you.

I have submitted my registration, can I start playing straight away?

You may start training with the team and paying friendlies, however the registration process with the league takes up to a week therefore there may be a short delay before you can start playing league matches.

Why has my membership request been declined?

There are three common reasons why we are unable to accept a membership request:

1: Your photo is not a clear head and shoulders photo
2: You have not set up a direct debit
3: The team you are registering with does not know who you are, have you contacted them to arrange going to a training session first?