Under 7s Sponsorship Raffle

We are giving our local businesses an opportunity to win a sponsorship package with our teams.


We understand that asking for £350 for sponsorship during these hard times may not be feasible, therefore for £20 you can enter the raffle, supporting our club whilst getting some advertising on our site and Facebook.


There are only £15 tickets available per team, as soon as all tickets are sold we will raffle off the package.


The winner will receive the following:

  • Company logo on teams shirts.
  • Company logo and website link on our website.
  • A framed team photo wearing your kit.


All runners up will also have their company logo on our website.

  • Terms

    Raffle will only be drawn when all tickets have been sold for the respective team. 


    Should not all tickets be sold then the club will either:

    Offer refunds. 

    Draw a winner and offer sponsorship at a reduced rate (matching the shortfall). 


    No refunds will be offered unless the draw does not take place. 


    Gambling site/venues and pubs are unable to sponsor teams, restaurants are fine to. If you are unsure we suggest you contact the club as no refund will be offered should an ineligible company buy a ticket. 


Winton Junior Football Club