Important Renewal information due to Covid19

Why do I need to renew membership?

Each year we have to submit player details to the FA and leagues, we need your permission to do so and also confirmation that your details are correct.

We are unable to register you to play until the renewal is done.

I have two children how do I renew them both?

When logged in you should be able to switch between children using the menu, simply register one and then the other.

If you used separate email addresses to register then this option won;t be available, either log in separately or contact us to change one the addresses over.

Do I need to pay a registration fee?

The FA has cancelled all leagues now so we have plenty of time to get prepared for next season, we plan on using this time to save the rush in the summer.

Register early and there will be no registration fee, wait until your current membership ends then the online system will automatically ask you to pay a registration fee or £10.

Do I need to set up another direct debit?

No, we have stopped all requests for subscriptions and we won't ask again until we are back up and running.

Please only set up a direct debit if you have cancelled your old one.

Step 1

Log into membermojo using your email address you used to register last year.

Check details are correct and complete any new required information.

Any issues logging on contact us.

Step 2

Only if you have cancelled your old direct debit!!

Complete an online direct debit to pay your monthly subscriptions.

Your membership will not be approved until this has been set up.

Step 3

Your now ready for season 2020/21.

The club will now work on making sure you are registered with the FA and league.

If for any reason you need any help with your registration please contact us.

Winton Junior Football Club